Olefin metathesis technology

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Metathesis Enables Our Next-Generation Thermoset Resins

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Christopher J. Cruce Vice President, Commercial Technology. Chris Cruce is a co-founder of Materia and is responsible for developing new products and formulations based on Materia’s Proxima® resin technology.

Olefin metathesis, Nobel Price wining technology in with Dr.

Olefin metathesis

Robert Grubbs, Dr. Richard Schrock and Dr. Yves Chauvin, is based on the exchange of Alkenes fragments (olefins) by the separation and the regeneration of carbon-carbon double bond.

Richard R. Schrock

Olefin Metathesis Overview Sigma-Aldrich exclusively distributes the Materia Grubbs Catalyst ™ Technology for olefin metathesis application research and development.

The Grubbs Catalyst systems are: Powerful tools for making, breaking, and rearranging carbon-carbon double bonds. A World of Solutions Alternative On-purpose Production Methods for Propylene Kerman N.

Dukandar CB&I Global Propylene & Derivatives Summit. This article describes the latest progress in olefin-metathesis catalyst technology for applications in both the pharmaceutical and fine-chemical industries and highlights the discovery and use of the new 4-coordinate, electron Piers' olefin-metathesis .

Olefin metathesis technology
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