Led matrix

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NodeMCU with MAX7219 8×8 LED matrix display

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IoT RGB LED Matrix Controller (ESP32)

This digital flex LED matrix uses APA smart RGB LEDs as the basic unit. 28 Pixels are placed each line, and there are 28 serial lines on each panel. The space between each pixel is 1cm. Adafruit’s LED matrix uses a HUB75 display driver. The HUB75 has 16 pins, 6 for specifying the color of an LED, 4 — A, B,C and D — for selecting line address, 3 ground, 1 OE / output enabled.

Clarity Matrix G3 is available in standard and high brightness 46” and 55” models, along with options for protective Planar® ERO-LCD® (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology, passive 3D and interactive multi-touch.


LED matrix displays enable you to send your message or create interactive designs and art with ease. Explore the extensive selection of LED matrix modules in varying sizes, drivers, kits, and other.

LED Matrix Drivers

So, the first LED and the last two will be OFF while the others will be ON. Again, the notion of “first” and “last” of course depends on the orientation of the matrix but as long as all characters are defined consistently it doesn’t matter.

Led matrix
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