Jugaad concept

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Jugaad Concept

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Jugaad: A Frugal, Flexible Approach to Innovation

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Jugaad (alternatively Juggaar) is a colloquial Hindi (Devanagari: जुगाड़) and Punjabi word, which has various meanings depending on the jkaireland.com Tamil. A variant of the jugaad vehicle in Tamil Nadu in South India is the Meen Body Vandi.

This roughly translates to "fish bed vehicle" because they originated among local fishermen who needed a quick and cheap transport system to transport fish. Jugaad (alternatively Juggaar) is a colloquial Hindi-Urdu word that can mean an innovative fix or a simple work-around, The Jugaad concept can be contrasted with the Western (originally American Template:Citation needed) concept of a hack or kludge.

The concepts of Marketing are: Production concept, Product concept, selling concept, Marketing concept and Societal Marketing concept. Production concept: Production concept deals with production. Customer wants that product which is widely available and has a less price.

Jugaad Concept

Jun 08,  · We need to come out of the concept of looking at jugaad as an outcome of laziness or lack of planning, insread look at it with an attitude of "make do with what we have"for the moment".

I mention "for the moment" because it is the need of the hour and not the long term solution to the problem. Enthusiasts of this concept find weird and wonderful ways of patching things together to make innovative and practical solutions.

If you search on YouTube, you’ll find great examples of objects put together by Indians using the jugaad concept.

Jugaad concept
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A Surprising Problem-Solving Method From India