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Courses at Hult International Business School

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Everything about Hult International Business School Admissions

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HULT-Boston holds Career Boot Camp for students

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Hult International Business School Campus Full time 1 year August USA Boston San Francisco New York Cambridge + 3 more Hult’s one-year Master of Finance equips you with the foundation necessary to tackle the complex world of corporate financial management.

HULT International Business School MBA Program.

Mission & history

Introduction: HULT International Business School ranked #1 by The Economist for percentage of salary increase for post graduate and Top 10 by The Financial Times for International business, provides excellent 1 year MBA program that definitely changes the outlook, appearance and professional performance of the candidates.

The Bachelor in Business Administration program at Hult International Business School is unlike any other undergraduate degree you may be considering. By bringing together people, cultures, and innovative ideas from around the world, Hult provides you with a uniquely global and transformative educational experience.

One school that stands out as a leader in business schools is Hult International Business School. Hult is consistently ranked in the top business schools in the world from companies like the Financial Times and the Economist for its Global Rotation program.

Boston-based Hult International Business School - which used to be the Arthur D Little school of management - is expanding further and taking control of Huron University in London. mission. hult international business school is a global institution that transforms lives by providing an exceptionally valuable and enduring education that brings together people, cultures, and ideas from all around the world.

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