Edmond halley

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What is Halley's Comet?

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Edmond Halley (1656 - 1742)

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Edmond Halley Biography: Facts, Discoveries and Quotes

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Edmond Halley Facts

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Halley's Comet, also known as 1P/Halley, is the most well known comet in the Solar System.

Edmond Halley

As a periodic (or short-term comet) it has orbital period that is less than years, and has therefore. In the south cloister is a memorial to astronomer Edmond Halley. It takes the form of a stylised comet, of slate, the tail being gilded.

The Name of the Telescope. The name telescope was suggested inby the Greek mathematician John Demisiani at a banquet in Rome, where Galileo and his telescope were the guests of honour. Since its first predicted return inHalley’s Comet has come back to us three times, in, and most recently in – Historical records, unknown to Edmond Halley, show that the Comet’s previous appearances stretch back far into the past, long before comets were recognized to be periodic.

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Edmond halley
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The History of Comet Halley