Contour business intelligence

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Business Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence

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Gartner Says Worldwide Business Intelligence and Analytics Market to Reach $19 Billion in 2016

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Wendy holds a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from The University of Nottingham with the specialization in computer vision and machine learning. Contour Business Intelligence is a platform for building corporate reporting systems and information delivery solutions for all kinds of business, governments, and statistical and state jkaireland.comr Business Intelligence (Contour BI) Includes Contour Reporter and Contour Publisher.


Contour Business Intelligence is a platform for building corporate reporting systems and information delivery solutions for all kinds of business, governments, and statistical and state agencies. Seth Wunder, the cofounder of $ billion Contour Asset Management, has left the firm and is in the early stages of planning a new hedge fund.

Wunder left Contour in June, and cofounder David.

Contour business intelligence
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