Business repot patrick stevedores dispute

Outline of the Waterfront Dispute

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Waterfront employer Patrick tries to lock out union

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1998 Australian waterfront dispute

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Outline of the Waterfront Dispute

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At all relevant times, Patrick was carrying on a business within the transport industry which conducted stevedoring operations, including for containerised cargo. On 4 DecemberPatrick made an application to the Fair Work Commission (FWC Patrick Stevedores Holdings Pty Ltd Enforceable Undertaking.

Patrick Stevedores Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN ) v Patrick was carrying on a business within the transport industry which conducted stevedoring operations, including for containerised cargo. Enforceable Undertaking is. The commercial font of waterfront reform, Patrick Stevedores, is assessing whether it needs to take a more aggressive path to dealing with unlawful industrial action on its ports in the wake of a.

Waterfront employer Patrick tries to lock out union

Patrick Stevedores sacked and locked out more than 1, wharfies so it could bring in a non-unionised workforce. Productivity on the wharves did improve markedly after the dispute but it came at. The ITF has weighed into the Patrick's dispute. Please read ITF General Secretary Steve Cotton's statement below.

International Transport Workers’ Federation General Secretary Steve Cotton has written to the management of Patrick Stevedores urging them to negotiate in good faith with their workforce amid the ongoing dispute at Port Botany.

On the night of 7 AprilPatrick Stevedores boss Chris Corrigan sacked his entire workforce and started one of the first serious challenges by a corporation to trade union power in Australia.

Business repot patrick stevedores dispute
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Outline of the Waterfront Dispute – Parliament of Australia