Abstract of telecom industry india

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The growth of mobile phones in India and in particular their popularity and use by young people in India has been the object of international and national media attention in the past few years.

Telecom is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Today India stands as the second-largest telecommunications market in the world.

The mobile phone industry in India would contribute US$ billion in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) of the country in Authorization Policy. By registering for the conference you grant permission to Conference Series LLC Ltd to photograph, film or record and use your name, likeness, image, voice and comments and to publish, reproduce, exhibit, distribute, broadcast, edit and/or digitize the resulting images and materials in publications, advertising materials, or in any other form worldwide without compensation.

Abstract Sales promotion is one of the key promotional mix elements that is commonly employed by firms that find themselves in very competitive industries like the telecommunication industry. Abstract. This study is an attempt to fill this research lacuna and proposes to provide a comprehensive analysis of telecom sector reform in India by documenting the reform process in its institutional context, especially the role of the regulator.

Abstract of telecom industry india
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